Our Services

Executive Education

Business leaders, community development organizations, and governments can choose to learn about platform businesses and their social impact. Executive training is tailored to client’s needs and commonly includes training about the role of platforms in job creation, the regulatory challenges they present, and the challenges they pose for more inclusive development.
Our clients are typically interested in key questions. What is the economic impact of platform activities? Is there job potential for those most in need? Can low-income earners and those previously excluded from income-earning activities leverage these new software platforms to earn a living? If so, how can the value that accrues to low-income earners be maximized? In some locations, could income and jobs be created more cost-effectively using multiple platforms instead of stand-alone platforms and traditional economic development strategies? Can entirely new products and services that support low-income residents, women and their communities be created using integrated platform models?

Platform Development

Entrepreneurs seeking to develop a platform can learn about platform requirements, including demand generators, research methods (such as human-centered design), essential network effects, and inclusive development strategies.

Enhanced Social Impact Strategies

Social Impact requires strategic direction, ongoing assessment and evaluation. Clients can obtain assistance with the development of their social impact strategy, learn how to evaluate their social impact efforts and get assistance with monitoring results.

Watersound Management also conducts research and pilot tests for businesses and governments who are working to improve their digital inclusion efforts.

Management of Platform Listings

Individual business owners can choose to get hands-on management and advisory services for their platform listings. This can include assistance with the photos, description, and pricing of their product or service. It can also include marketing.

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